Overview of LaserU content
Laser Engraving Training

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Your Laser System

  • Includes the most popular laser systems
  • How to set up and run your first job


Video Center (showcases hands-on demonstrations)


Color Fills

Laser Foil

Paper Mask



Jig & Caliper

Stone Color Fill

CerMark – Spray, Tape & Solution



Engraving Glass & Crystal

Green Laser Tape on Glass & Crystal

CerMark on Glass & Crystal

Color Filling Glass & Crystal

Applying Magnetic Sheets

Using the 10 Pen Fixture Using the Vector Cutting Table
Engraving LaserFlex Fixture for Anodized Tag
Using Product Template CD TUS008 Cleaning the Optics
Manually Focusing the Laser Using the Power Meter
Assembling Pet Urns Using Acrylic Glue on Awards
LaserFoil - raster & vector methods
Using Double-Stick Mounting Tape
Engraving Round Objects w/o Rotary


Settings Calculator
Getting the settings needed for your engraving job! Enter in your laser manufacturer, wattage and substrate and receive settings for speed and power for both raster and vector.


Learning Center (set up in a course and lesson format)

There are currently over 135 lessons and each course features multiple videos.

Course titles and the number of lessons in each.

  • Understanding the Laser System - 5
  • General Laser Use - 5
  • Features & Functions of DRAW - 4
  • Increasing Productivity with DRAW - 4
  • Photo Engraving - 8
  • Acrylic - 7
  • Wood - 7
  • Marble - 7
  • Coated Metals - 7
  • CerMark – Metal, Glass & Tile Marking - 9
  • Marketing & Sales –5
  • Ornaments; Glass, Wood & Acrylic - 7
  • Decorating with Your Laser – 11
  • Creating Cutting Patterns - 7
  • Rowmark - 5
  • Stamps - 6
  • Serialization & Text Substitution w/ DRAW, EngraveLab & NameIt! Suite - 7
  • AlumaMark - 9
  • ArtWelder, NameIt Suite & BoxIt Suite - 13
  • Glass & Crystal -7
  • Masking Materials - 5


Corel Center (skills needed to learn and become an expert)


Settings, hotkeys, shortcuts

Lens Tool

Overview & Workspace

Object Manager & Two-Pass Printing

Align, Distribute & Print


Advanced Basic Shapes


Boundary Tool

Reverse Engraving

Bezier Tool

Shaping Docker

Centerline Tracing

Straightening Images

Contour Tool

Templates & Fixtures I

Fills, Outlines, Cuts & Transformation Docker

Templates & Fixtures II

Font Identification

Text on a Curved Path

Getting New Fonts

Vectorizing Images

Knife Tool

Welding and Much More!


Overview & Workspace

Magic Wand Tool

Hotkeys & Shortcuts

Photo Touch-ups

CutOut Lab

Removing white boxes around images

Image Fills

Retouching Images: Crop, rotate, red-eye & More

Prepping Photos - PhotoGrav 3.0

Stitching Images

Prepping Photos - PhotoGrav 2.1

Tone Curve - better images


Project Center (product ideas to spur production)

Adding Color to any project!

Kitchen Decor

Acrylic Ornaments

Klikit Silicone Band w/ CerMark

Acrylic Photo Plaques

License Plates - for fans only!

Acrylic Photo Plaque – double sided

Memory Plaques

Alder Wood Photo Frames - Unique!

Metal Marking Keychains

Alder Photo Frames Template

Mother's Day Magnets/Refrigerator Magnets

Barcoding & Serialization

Paper Mask - applying it properly

Baseball Medallions - Leather

Party Decorations

Boards - chalk, magnetic & dry erase!

Patterned Mirrored Acrylic

Car Signs - magnetic

Photo Album Template CD & LaserLIGHTS

Ceramic Tiles w/ Black Spray Paint

Pen Fixture


Poker Chip Decorations

Colorful Plaques/Wish Upon a Star


Color - adding it to stone, granite & marble

PopOut Plaques & Using Curves & Break Apart Tools

Crystal Desk set

Ruler - Maple

Data Matrix & QR Codes and why you need them

Signature Frames using Kid's Signatures! Too Cute!

Decorating Laptops

Solid Surface Material

Electronics - engraving an iPhone & a Kindle

Sports Plaques

EngraveLab Processing Photos

Stationary, cards & bookmarks

EngraveLab Photo/Vector


Father's Day Gift - Wood Plank

Stones & Natural Rocks

Glass Photo Frame

Suede Plaques

Greeting Cards

Stylus Pens - anodized

Infinity Edge Alder Wood Plaques Vector Cutting Table


Working with Odd Shaped Items
Keychain Template CD Wood Planks - Basswood
Project Center 2014 Updates:
Anodized Tags - Laser Engraving Fixture Magnets for Half & Marathons
Birthday Celebrations Board Party Favors - Dog Tags
Design Pattern CD Pet Urns
Glass Photo Stands Product Template CD
Working with Felt
Wine Caddy
Project Center 2015 Updates:  
Bamboo Layered Plaques LaserFlex - raster & vector methods
CerMark Tile & Glass Marking Spray Can LaserFoil - rasert & vector methods
Cell Phone Stands w/ Green Glass Acrylic Round Objects w/o Rotary Attachment
Glass Photo Stands  Text on a Curved Path