This month we will, agBamboo Layered Plaquesain, look at creative ways to use wood sheets.

Materials Needed

The items needed, to complete this project, are one bamboo sheet, a staple gun, double-stick mounting tape, our LaserBits color fill (in black) and ribbon for hanging.

This project will have a layered effect. I need to cut two pieces of bamboo for each wall hanging. One piece will be slightly larger than the other piece. The smaller, is 4”x 4”, and will receive the design that will be raster engraved. It will then be mounted onto the larger square that 5” x 5”.

Engraving & Cutting

For my 50-watt laser, I used raster settings of 35 speed and 100 power. For vector cutting, I used 10 speed and 100 power. The speed settings are both about 20 percent slower than I would usually use on a wood sheet.

Creating the Wall Hanging

After engraving and cutting and removing the squares from the laser, the next step is to color fill the design. I opted for black as a nice contrast to the caramel-colored bamboo. Using LaserBits color fills is quite easy. Very little is needed as itBamboo Layered Plaque goes a long way. Apply a small pool of paint to a paper towel. Use a swab to paint the design. Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies. Allow the paint to dry. This usually takes about 20 minutes dependent upon temperature and humidity. When the paint is dry use a damp towel to remove the excess paint. Apply moderate pressure to remove any stubborn areas. If the engraved area is deep enough and completely dry, there should be no concern that the paint in the design would be wiped away during the cleaning process.

Now, we need to layer the small and large squares. For this, we will use a plaque mounting tape from LaserBits. Using a double-sided mounting tape is the quickest and easiest option. The tape is easily cut into several small strips. I would use 3-5 per square. Apply the tape to the smaller of the two squares. Press firmly to ensure adhesion. Then, remove the backing of the tape and press the top piece onto the bottom. Be sure to center them before pressing hard. The longer the tape is applied, the stronger the bond becomes.

The last step is to add the ribbon. Cut the ribbon to the desired length. Turn the plaque over. Be sure to staple on a spot where the two pieces of wood overlap. If it is stapled too high up, the staple can go through the single layer of wood and show through on the front.


Take a look at all of the types of wood sheets:

 Watch the video to learn how to apply the double-stick tape:

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