This month we will look at creative ways to use wood sheets. I was able to create a white board, a chalk board and a magnetic game board.

For the white board, I used the Duro Laser Wood and simply engraved my pattern. It is a natural white board and did not have to be treated in order to be used with dry erase markers.

Whiteboard from Duro Wood Laminate

For the other board, I used the specialty paints from Home Depot. I am sure they can also be found at any store that carries paint. Follow the directions for each paint.

The board was painted in 3 coats of magnetic paint to increase the magnetic qualities and then painted with the chalkboard paint. The game pieces had our magnetic sheet applied to the wood sheet before the pieces were vector cut. I used Econo Laser Wood for the board and Birch and Walnut sheets for the games pieces along with our magnet sheet.

 Game Board with magnetic and chalk paint

Wood sheets can yield some really creative end-products. Open up your imagination! Learn more about settings and the ins and outs of this project by visiting the Project Center sub-category of Other Cool Projects inside LaserU.


Take a look at all of the types of wood sheets:

 Watch the video to learn how to apply the magnetic sheet:

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