Engraving mirrored acrylic requires reverse engraving...this means that the substrate will be engraved from the back side. In order to flip the objects the Mirror Horizontal and Mirror vertical buttons are used.

Select the object and click either of the buttons shown in red. Also, see the video below for a demonstration. The image to the right my final layout for the hearts. The Mirror Vertical allowed me to have the hearts upside down to maximize my sheet of acrylic.



Hearts layout in DRAW for mirrored acrylic


Take a look at all of the colors of mirrored sheets:

 Learn how to reverse objects and text in DRAW:


Colored mirrored acrylic is such a fabulous product to work with. It both engraves and cut easily. This will be done in two passes. First vector cut the outlines. Next, remove the masking from each heart while the hearts are still in the bed. Last, raster engrave the text.

There are a few things to keep in mind, when engraving this sheet:

  • Remove the protective coated (it is not a mask, it will outgas hazardous fumes)
  • Mask both sides of the sheet
  • Place face down in the laser bed (mirror side down)


Mirrored acrylic hearts

These conversation hearts were used as party decorations. They were put out on tables and affixed to walls and kitchen cabinets with a removable substance. And they were a big hit. People kept taking them!


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