Photos, photos, photos. Everyone wants to engrave photos on various substrates. One that turns out beautifully is using CerMark Tile & Glass Marking Solution on glass. It leaves a dark, rich black mark.

 See Course 20 Lesson 5 for more details.

 Engraving Photos on Glass w/ CerMark Tile & Glass

There are a few things to keep in mind, when using CerMark on Glass:

  • Process the photo in PhotoGrav using the CerMark setting.
  • For a 50-watt laser use 100 power, 30 speed.
  • Do not use a dpi above 300.
  • After engraving, wash away excess then use a green scratchy pad and SCRUB! (see below)

    camalexa combo


CerMark Tile & Glass

Take a look at our Tile & Glass Spray Can.


Learn how to apply CerMark for Tile & Glass in this video:


PhotoGrav can transform your photo engraved products from good to WOW! Take a look at this comparison. The difference and quality is noticeable. The images processed through PG provide increased detail and realistic looking outcomes.

No PhotoGrav used

PhotoGrav used

PG is easy to use. Import the photo, select the material the image will be engraved upon, edit the size (if needed), process the image and then export processed image. This file is then imported into DRAW. The process is a snap!



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