It's that time of year to make ornaments! There are so many ways to create memorable and personalized keepsakes. Wood, glass and acrylic are great vehicles for ornaments. They look great by themselves, but adding color can really make a difference.

We have color fills for acrylic and wood and our Stone Color Fills work great on glass and crystal.

 Color Fill on Acrylic Ornament


There are a few things to keep in mind, when color filling acrylic or wood, for better results:

  • Engrave the top to a shallow depth - optimal depth is .030" - the same thickness as a paper clip.
  • A little fill goes a long way.
  • Work color fill into the engraving area.
  • Remove excess fill using a water dampened cloth. Wipe with two light passes instead of one strong pass. Remove most and let dry for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, use a damp cloth and lightly scrub the rest away.       

    Color Fill on Wood Ornament


LaserBits Ornament Design CD

Our Ornament Design CD contains 40 layouts, you can download 4 of them for free:


Learn how to color fill in this video:


Often, when working with cast acrylic, better results are achieved if the piece is reverse engraved. This is easily done in CorelDRAW. Create the desired layout. Then look for the Mirror buttons. There are two - mirror horizontal and mirror vertical. Dependent upon your version of DRAW your buttons will look like one or the other displayed below. Use mirror horizontal.

 Reverse Engraving in CorelDRAW

The acrylic is then cut and engraved.

Ornament Stocking in Blue Cast Acrylic


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