Green glass acrylic is a fabulous addition to our line of acrylics. It engraves a frosty white (see the surface of the guitar) and looks like glass! These cell phone stands were so fun to make. I used acrylic glue to put them together. Get green glass and get creative!

 Green Glass Acrylic Cell Phone Stands


There are a few things to keep in mind for better results:

  • Double mask acrylic. Cut first, remove mask and engrave.
  • Use a vector cutting bed.
  • Use 100% power and a very slow speed.
  • Do not use the protective cover to engrave/cut – it outgases hazardous fumes.                
For more information on this featured product see the Project Center lesson titled, Cell Phone Stands w/ Acrylic. Download the DRAW file featured below at: Learn how to use our acrylic glue for items like the featured cell phone stands:

Using the Object Manager is the quickest and easiest way to accomplish two-pass printing (as advised for the acrylic above with cutting first and engraving second). The only layers printable are the vector layers with the Print Icon not selected.

Object Manager in CorelDRAW

Additionally, the Eye Icon can be turned off to only display what I want sent to the laser. Send one job to the printer, remove the mask and then send the next job. The Object Manger gives you total control.

Object Manager in CorelDRAW

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