Color Fill Laser Engraved Granite Tiles

I always had a love/hate relationship with engraving on granite. I loved the quality of the product refined and elegant. Yet, I was not always happy with the engraved result. Especially with photos. They looked nice upclose but looked grainy from far away. Now? I love engraving on granite. Why? With the addition of Stone Color Fills the engraved areas come out looking great! There are five colors: white, blue, red, silver and gold.

How can you argue with these results? Compare the left to the right side. What this video on how you can make this dramatic change in 30 seconds.

Photo engraved granite tiles

Photo Engraved Maple Hearts

You will not want to miss out on our Maple Hearts. They are on sale while supplies last. They engrave - both photos and text - beautifully. And we have them on sale in time for Valentine's Day. We show our love so you can show your customers yours!

This heart had an image processed using PhotoGrav. In addition, the "text on a curved path" was created in CorelDRAW. Both skills are easy to learn.

Learn how to photo engrave a Maple Heart

Using LaserBits Product Template CD - TUS 008

Sometimes engraving odd-shaped objects can be a pain. With our Product Template CD, we have taken the hurt out of those products! We have already created the layouts in DRAW for you to just open and modify the text. That's it. We even created a video (below) to further assist.

LaserBits Product Template CD TUS 008


Overview of content on LaserU

People always ask, "What is inside LaserU?" Well, a heck of a lot! If you visit you can see a complete overview of LaserU's content. This image is just the Learning Center with over 135 lessons. We also have sections: Your Laser System, Corel Center, Project Center, Video Center, and more. If you need to learn something or have employees that need to learn, check us out. You can ALWAYS get a FREE 7-day trial with access to FULL content.

Our content ranges from substrates (wood, acrylic, metal, coated metal, plastic, marble, granite, glass, etc.) to processes (CerMark, color fill, laser foil to name a few) to DRAW skills. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Oveview of LaserU

We are on all forms of social media. Be sure you can find us!

We are on all forms of social media. Be sure you can find us!
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Valentine Hearts in Mirrored Acrylic for Part Decorations

Valentines Day is just around the corner. A few years back we had a neighborhood party and the "laser engraving lady" (me) was put in charge of the decorations. These gems were such a hit people were taking them off the walls and taking them home! My inspiration as the candied conversation hearts with the cute sayings on them. I used red, pink and purple mirrored acrylic and reverse engraved it. In addition, I double-masked each sheet for a much higher quality finished product. Click on Read More to see more pics! Here is a video on reverse engraving: and you can download my hearts DRAW file here:

Mirrored Acrylic Valentines Hearts

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Using a Paper Mask on Rowmark (plastic sheets)

Using a mask on plastic sheets when vector cutting them will yield a much better product. Remove the protective coating from the sheet of plastic. Do not use this as a masking material as it outgasses hazardous fumes if used in the laser. Apply a paper mask (see video below). Vector cut the sheet in the first pass. Remove the mask and raster engrave in a second pass.

Doing this will avoid getting flair up and smoke residue on the sheet that can't be cleaned off.

 Click "Read More" to see the video.

Read more: Using a Paper Mask on Rowmark (plastic sheets)