CerMark Spray Can:

Using the CerMark Metal Marking Spray Can is the quickest and easiest way to use CerMark.

See our video – click on “Read More.”

    • Shake the can very well.
    • Apply an even coating over the metal.
    • Allow to dry completely.
    • Engrave. Always use 100% power. Use speed equal to the wattage of your laser or slower.
    • Wash off the excess.

When you are not using your can of CerMark, remove thCerMark Metal Marking Spraye nozzle and soak in denatured alcohol. This is an often missed, but very important step.

See our short video on this process: http://tiny.cc/2015Oct01blog

Trouble getting your CerMark to stick? These there are three common culprits:

  • The metal has a coating. You need to use clear, uncoated metals only.
  • Power was not set at 100%
  • Speed was not slow enough.



CerMark works well for photo engraving as you can see.

CerMark Alder Wood Plaque



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