Based in Phoenix, Arizona, LaserUniversity opened its "doors" on April 15, 2006. It had been a dream of LaserBits co-owner, Mike Fruciano, for the preceding 5 years. He knew that people no longer had the time or desire to travel long distances to leaLaserUrn how to put their laser to work. He wanted to bring a training system to everyone that enabled the user to not only do the training in their own time and pace but to be able to do it on their laser at the same time! Revolutionary!

While Mike enjoys teaching his renowned Laser Clinics around the country, he knows that this is not the only method for learning. In fact, in this fast paced, on-demand society people not only want their needs met quickly, they deserve to have them met with quality training that supports all learning types. Mike knew we needed to create LaserU for the visual learner, the auditory learner and the kinesthetic learner. LaserU's goal was to provide learning in text and video formats.

So, now that you know why LaserUniversity was created, let's meet the people behind those doors.



  Mike is a native of Arizona and has an extensive background in electrical engineering and technical sales. During more than 12 years in the photographic industry, Mike held positions in product development, marketing, sales and sales management. Mike has traveled widely both domestically and overseas and has lived in Southern California, Maryland and Florida and enjoys calling Arizona his home.


Mike’s career in the laser industry started as National Sales Manager for a leading laser equipment manufacturer. The fast growing industry had a calling for a reliable materials source and in 1999 he became the co-owner of LaserBits. Working with laser materials has brought Mike to help create solutions for scientific, medical, large and small companies needing laser processing expertise.



A little bit about bits - LaserBits


Established in 1999, LaserBits was designed to meet the growing need for products, supplies and training in the laser processing market worldwide. Growing at a rapid rate, this market needed a specialized source for high quality laserable materials, supplies and information.

The concept of sourcing materials specifically tested for laser applications and marketing them to engraving shops using e-commerce technology had not been tested. During LaserBits initial development phase important new marketing vehicles were created. These included a pocket web guide containing LaserBits' entire product line, email and fax newsletters and an award winning web site featuring products, tech tips and industry resource information.

From the start, LaserBits was designed to enhance sales of laser systems by providing prospective owners with materials, supplies and applications support. The objective was to illustrate the profitability of CO2 laser systems by simplifying the product sourcing and production processes. Today, LaserBits is enjoying exciting growth due to increasing name recognition and branding efforts through trade magazines, direct marketing, and the internet. Central to LaserBit’s operations are the latest computer systems and software to ensure an efficient environment for day-to-day operations and continued growth. LaserBits now provides affordable, high quality laserable products to engraving companies in all 50 states and more than 60 countries around the world.


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